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Our Mission

Unlike many websites “training companies” that primarily cater to students seeking training at the behest of their employers, our primary focus is on business owners and managers. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to enhance workplace safety and ensure compliance, thereby offering your business the utmost level of liability protection.

At CCS Safety Solutions, we firmly embrace the idea that employees are the cornerstone of any successful business. Their safety and health in the workplace aren’t just a priority; they are an integral part of our business ethos. Every stage of our operations is imbued with an unwavering commitment to managing, controlling, and eliminating occupational safety and health risks.

Our pledge is simple yet profound: to guide our clients towards the pinnacle of workplace safety. This vision is brought to life through a comprehensive occupational safety and health program, underscored by robust onsite training. It demands complete engagement from management, leaders, and employees alike. For us, safety transcends all other concerns; production urgencies never eclipse the imperative of performing every task safely.

Our Origin Story

CCS Safety Solutions, Inc. (CCS) was born from the vision of Tom Meadows, a veteran safety consultant active since 1985. His journey through myriad on-site safety evaluations across diverse industries laid the foundation for CCS. He saw a clear need for an external occupational safety consulting firm, one that excelled in exceptional onsite safety training and OSHA compliance consulting.

Thus, in 1985, CCS took its first breath, formalizing its incorporation in 1985. From its inception, it was more than a company; it was a response to a growing need for workplace safety expertise.

What CCS Safety Solutions Offers You

As an industry leader, CCS Safety Solutions has grown into a nationally recognized leader in occupational safety and health consulting services, including specialized onsite safety training. Our status as OSHA authorized outreach trainers is not just a title; it’s a responsibility we take seriously.

Our approach is characterized by relentless hard work and a positive outlook. The CCS family is committed to delivering exceptional safety consulting services, tackling the most complex occupational safety challenges head-on. We share a collective vision with OSHA: ensuring that every American worker returns home safely each day. At CCS Safety Solutions, we don’t just meet expectations; we strive to redefine them, continually advancing safety practices for our clients and the industry at large.

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