Custom Built for Your Business

We get it, your business does not fit into the standardized, cookie-cutter courses offered by the online video training companies. This is where we shine over and above the competition. Due to the fact that we are an on-site training company all of our courses can be tailor made for your specific industry and company.

Tailor-Made Safety Training from CCS Safety Solutions.

At CCS Safety Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering custom training programs, meticulously crafted to meet your unique needs. Our Training Director, Tom Meadows, takes the time to understand your specific work requirements, equipment types, and training goals. This approach ensures a perfect fit, creating a training experience that is as unique as your company.

Our training seamlessly integrates with your existing policies and procedures, ensuring consistency and avoiding any operational conflicts. We’re also adept at customizing our programs to align with specific government agency guidelines, ensuring compliance and relevance to your agency’s policies.

Our expert instructors go beyond standard course delivery. They collaborate closely with your management team, providing support and solutions for the critical challenges unique to your operations. With us, training is not just about learning; it’s about empowering your team for operational excellence.”

Find Your Perfect Course

Check out our list of core classes, we may already have what
You are looking for in an on-site training class!


Let us know what type of training course you are seeking and the seasoned professionals can design a course tailor made for your business and employees.


Custom classes are taught by certified safety instructors and come complete with all course materials and certificate of completion.

On Site

There is no need for your employees to travel and miss work. travel All courses are taught at your business, or at a central location where your business is located.